Commenting Tips

(*Editor’s Note From Ben*)

A real life text message exchange between two of the most frequently read giants of the sports blogging universe. Enjoy:

Dan: Here’s a good question, are we going to have a comment policy on

Britton: Yeah, we’ll moderate. Maybe we’ll have a side page or box that mentions the policy.

Dan: I want to keep it clean but don’t want to discourage comments.

Britton: Totally, I think a little guideline is ok. I don’t want people to be worried about the following the twelve rules of comment posting.

Dan: So, without further adieu…


1) Add something to the conversation. Before you post a comment, ask yourself: Will anyone enjoy reading this? Am I original? Am I funny? Am I insightful? Have I avoided offending any major ethnic groups? If not, save your comment and instead e-mail it to Bill Simmons for use in one of his columns. He thrives on that kind of material.

2) Stay on topic. Pimping your porno site in our comments is not cool. Find a classy chat room for that, or grab a marker and write it in a bathroom stall. Just take it elsewhere.

3) What happens at stays at Just kidding. Come back soon and tell all your friends.

4) Make fun of everything Boston. Yeah, I’m sure you were a Red Sox fan before 2004. Maybe you’re right, and Tom Brady isn’t a giant d-bag, after all.

5) Don’t be a homer. This right is reserved for our blog authors. And SEC fans. And Bill Simmons. (And if you are “The Sports Guy”, please see rule No. 4)

6) English please. That means you, Pacman Jones. I don’t know what a scrip club is.

7) Do your homework. Stats are welcome. Funny YouTube videos are welcome. Erin Andrews is welcome. Quotations from your eighth grade gym teacher are not.

8) Check early and often. A little back and forth dialogue is welcome. Chances are, we will mock your favorite team, so deal with it.

(Unless you’re a fan of a low level WAC school, in which case, you’re too irrelevant to mock. But it’s cute how you keep bringing them up in conversation. Time to go back to the sandbox.)

9) Don’t be “Crazy Andy” from our fantasy football league a few years ago. Seriously, Andy, if you’re reading this, just move along. Nothing for you to see here…

10) Keep it clean. was made for prime time, not for late night Cinemax. Invest some time and creativity in your insults and mocking. Lines of expletives and graphic sexual references are for Kobe Bryant pickup lines, not for this blog. (Unless of course you are mocking Kobe himself, in which case; we’d like to welcome you to! Come on in, our casa es su casa.)

11) Do not ask for more WNBA coverage. While Britton dreams of someday having a daughter who is a master of the two handed set shot and is skilled in the art of the triple threat position, we will not be discussing the WNBA other than by occasionally questioning whether one of the women in the league is in fact, a woman.

12) If you have something that doesn’t fit as a blog comment, feel free to contact the authors. If you have any creative thoughts, questions, ideas, or attractive sisters (Britton and Dan only, Captain Bates is happily married, sorry ladies.) feel free to e-mail us.

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