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Two Touch: Random World Cup Musings

July 1, 2010 1 comment

And then there were eight.

Five of the eight teams left in the World Cup, have clearly positioned themselves within the top tier of international soccer (see power rankings below), and even sadly, the United States does not find themselves within the group, even when presented with the proverbial ‘golden opportunity.’ Read more…


Two Touch: Random World Cup Musings

Brief observations thus far through the first 11 days of the tournament: Read more…

USA-Slovenia Preview

With as much action and hype as the England match received, Friday morning’s contest will be even more vital for the United States’ chances to see through to the next round. Had the US lost last weekend, they still would have had a decent chance at advancing. However, if they lose tomorrow, you can pretty much bury the team right there in Jo’Burg. Read more…

Two Touch: Random World Cup Musings

June 14, 2010 1 comment

Four days into the world’s greatest sporting event and I have re-arranged my sleeping schedule to the detriment of my actual responsibilities. All in the attempt to catch at least a glimpse of each of the World Cup matches played thus far (also DVR helps a ton).

So after four days here some quick thoughts and observations about what we have seen: Read more…

Idiot’s Guide to the World Cup

You see them out there, the ones walking around with a little extra spring in their step, coming to work with that smile. The one that’s almost uncomfortably large. Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about soccer fans across America. And yes, they do in fact exist. Read more…

Random Thoughts on a Great October

October 15, 2009 2 comments

San Diego Rain

It never rains in Southern California. But on those very few occasions when we get those 40-hour stretches of rain, we are afforded the same few luxuries that the rest of the county takes for granted. Read more…