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Around the League: Jason Heyward’s Nickname

Before we go any further, it seems only fair to tell you that I can see the fear in your eyes. That look of sheer horror, pupils dilated to the size of gumballs, with precipitating tears of terror sprinkling out of your eye-lids. But I command you: Do not be afraid. This may be the Summer of Heyward, but I won’t be that guy who crams it down your throat every other column.

However, every time the planets align, prophesy calls for a Jason Heyward feature. It’s what the universe wants. Read more…

Most Untradeable Fantasy Keepers: No. 1-13

April 6, 2010 Leave a comment

If you haven’t read Part One of the Top-30 Keepers list (No. 14-30), do so before rejoining us. In this edition I am gifting you with the top 13 names in baseball you should be sniffing out for keeper purposes.

Remember there is only one rule to follow… Read more…