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The History of Sports Fantasy Draft

March 31, 2010 4 comments

You’re like me. As your fantasy league draft draws near, an itch that not even Lamisil can cure starts growing inside of you. Fantasy drafts are the BEST. The thrill of anticipation is undeniable. Like going to sleep on Christmas Eve, but hopped up on PEDs and ADHD medication. Really the only problem with fantasy MLB, NBA or NFL drafts is that you pretty much know what you’re getting into with each one.

Unless of course, you create your own draft, unique to you and your buddies. Any theme is a good one. You know, like The History of Sports. Enter the Not in HD writing staff who would exit better men than we were. Read more…

Because We All Love Lists: Top-10 Sports Related YouTube Videos

June 11, 2009 1 comment


If you are like me and odds are you are, (Wait… you like playing one-on-one Nerf basketball tournaments on your knees, pretending to be the great players of yore, only you are playing by yourself pretending to be both guys, in your bedroom too? I had no idea. We have so much in common.) the one thing you can’t resist while surfing the net, is a good list. Home runs, dunks, movies, cheesy ’80’s music videos, SNL sketches, commercials, you name it – so long as the list is compiled of the best or worst of something all-time, I’m game.

And so are you, which is why you are here, getting ready to check out my Top-10 sports related YouTube videos. If I left off one of your favorites, either because I didn’t know about it, or like it, fear not my communist friend, simply post it in the comment section so every one else can either commend your good tastes, or mock you mercifully.

Before we get to the clips, there are three things I judged them on: Read more…