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Southern California Collapses… Ben Bates Saves Day on ESPN Bakersfield

In the wake of tidal wave that just rolled through Los Angeles football, Ben Bates seeks to bring some sense to the world. His dulcet tones have the power to soothe all that ails the common man (and/or Trojan fan). With this tragedy comes the good news that Ben will be making his much anticipated return to ESPN Radio Bakersfield on, Home Turf with Corey Costelloe.

Just follow this link and tune in around 4 o’clock, as Ben is set to kick off his stint at 4:05 p.m. PST. Tune in and hear about the current state of SC football and how the NCAA super-sanction will affect the rest of the Pac-10. And also to check out the wonder and merriment that Bates is likely to spread.

Let’s be honest with one another, the likelihood of Ben being chipper and cheery on this dark morning, is very low. But, this does offer you the chance to hear a grown man cry. Just last night he was lamenting his pitiful sports fandom to me, drenched in the tears of the racist Clippers owner (Donald Sterling) dousing his LeBron caviar dreams and the dark tales of woe that surround his baseball joys. Just imagine how this SC ruckus is going to strike Bates to his core.

Additionally, we at Not in HD would like to apologize to Corey for any confusion in our word-play, as we never meant to insinuate that he was in any way associated with the fighting/frolicking Sea Lion era at Point Loma Nazarene University.

No one would want that resting over their head.

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