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Ben Bates Goes Live On the Air…

Ben will be taking a break from his latest TMZ photo shoot, in an attempt to test out his sultry baritone on the airwaves. He will be following in the massive footprints left by Not in HD’s own, Britton Dennis. Bates is said to feel confident since his fellow PLNU Sea Lion has already tantalized the audiences of the Central Valley once before. Yes, you’re reading this right folks: Come 3:30 p.m. Friday afternoon, you can hear Ben Bates live and in action on ESPN Radio Bakersfield.

Ben is just pleased that his Facebook friendship with Corey Costelloe has come to fruition and given him the chance to go on the air. Let’s be honest, Bates offered me the chance and I got cold feet and actually blamed a, “date” as a conflict that would keep me off the hot seat.

So simply put, tune in on your computerized radios.

Once your clock strikes 3:30 tomorrow, ESPN’s Corey Costelloe will be chatting with Benny the Jet on his show, Home Turf with Corey Costelloe, about the Lakers’ tumultuous playoff quest, Concussion-Gate 2010 in Boston, The Summer of LeBron and so much more. I have been told that Bates may spin yarns about the Mariners as well as the other, actually talented, teams in the AL West. I told him to talk about the dominate outings of John Garland and his Padre awesomeness. Lest, we all know Bates is just going to take a long luxurious whiff of his Dodger Dog and tell the world how he cried when Ethier hurt his wittle baby finger.

This is your chance to hear Not in HD’s second installment in Bakersfield. You can say you heard them before they were stars. You know you want to, so just do it.

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