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MLBPA Ready to Egg Self, Over Anti-Immigration Measure

By now you have likely heard that the MLBPA is doing all it can to pin itself in a corner, by asking Arizona to repeal its new Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act (Arizona Senate Bill 1070). So why is the Player’s Association sitting there, shaving cream pie in hand, waiting to smear its own face?

Good question. Don’t worry, if you are confused as to the reason MLB is taking such a public stand, you aren’t alone. ESPN’s Corey Costelloe doesn’t quite understand their rational either. In fact, he writes that the MLBPA should tread lightly on this one. Especially considering how invested into the Latin culture and market, MLB is.

…It’s no secret that the MLB has tapped into the Latino market, both in recruiting and fan base. Many teams have Hispanic Heritage Days, wear special uniforms and push fan giveaways with Hispanic themes. Just last year anyone sitting in the ‘My Town’ section at Dodger Stadium could receive a ‘Es Mi Ciudad’ T Shirt on Mexican Heritage Day…

So very true.

In the Dominican Republic alone, MLB teams spend $76 million, with $15 million of that going towards ‘baseball academies’ where the finest of players are housed and treated like big-time blossoming athletes well before their prime.

Speaking of which, if you haven’t seen Sugar yet, you need to watch it soon. It is the best and most realistic baseball film you will likely ever watch. If nothing else, it gives artistic insight into the inner workings of baseball factories in the Dominican.

Plus, it doesn’t even have to use the age-old crutch of casting Kevin Costner. I know, weird right?

Anyway, Costelloe raises several poignant issues with what the Players Association is doing. And he’s right, in that if Bud Selig and company aren’t careful which side of the political line they fall on, MLB might end up getting more than they bargained for from our government. Mixing work and politics is a dangerous gig.

Something tells me that cream pie is about to fly. The only question is: Whose face will it hit?

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