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Listen to Britton Dennis on ESPN Radio Today!

Be sure to catch Not in HD’s very own resident live blog wizard, Britton Dennis, as he chats about all things NFL Draft related, on ESPN Radio (Bakersfield) this afternoon.

Britton will be sounding off on Home Turf with Corey Costelloe at 3:30 p.m. PDT. You can listen in by following this link. Just click on the “listen live” tab on the left side of the page.

It’s not like finding yourself under center against Drew Brees in the fourth quarter people. It’s quite simple really.

More like mocking the Tim Tebow pick.

So easy, a caveperson could do it.

(Don’t sue us Geico, we didn’t steal your slogan. We changed it a little bit. Kinda like how Vanilla Ice changed Queen’s Under Pressure juuuust enough.)

(Wait… Ice sort of got sued too. Crap. Forget I said anything.)

But seriously, listen to Britton’s draft breakdown later on ESPN Radio. He may become the WWL’s version of Tom Looney.

( I’m not sure if that’s a dig at Looney or Britton.)

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