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Tiger – Fools Rush In

In today’s 24-hour news cycle, fewer and fewer events are able to stop the orbit of earth by dominating the attention of every relevant cable channel. This morning we got to witness the one and only Tiger Woods make his first public appearance since Thanksgiving, on every network from CNN to NBC to MTV and the Golf Channel. The moment was fascinating. But even more fascinating, has been the rush to instantaneously critique Tiger, on all of those various stations following his press conference.

ESPN has trotted out their talking heads, psychologists and, “apology experts.” The Golf Channel has broken down what this might actually mean for the world of golf, and even CNN has it’s own version of review.

The reviews haven’t stopped there. They continue in offices and hallways in workplaces across the country. Facebook postings and Tweets are filled with people’s opinions regarding the words of this man.

My goal here is not to be another columnist who is rating the performance of the star-crossed golfer, but rather to point out the absurdity of these blowhards and their so-called journalistic practices.

The back and forth arguments to this point, have been over the style, rather than substance. Some people are left feeling that his speech was too robotic or rehearsed, while others felt like they saw a new Tiger, in his mannerisms and tone. The truth of the matter is that… NOBODY REALLY KNOWS!!!!! Everyone wants you to believe that they are a good judge what contrition really looks like. They want you to believe that they know, for sure, whether Tiger meant what he said or if it was just theatrics.

The reason why, is that for someone to go on TV and make a statement like, “We can’t rush to judgment,” or “Time will tell,” or “Nobody really knows what he is truly feeling, but his actions over time will be a better demonstration of contrition,” makes for lousy TV ratings.

For whatever reason these well-reasoned arguments don’t draw in viewers or readers so stations bring on blowhards like Steven A. Smith – who yells so loudly, he practically blows out my TV speakers – that don’t say anything of substance other than, “I don’t believe him and I give him a ‘C’ for his performance.”

Everyone, just take a deep breath. You may be able to critique the mannerisms or the strategy of how he handled the speech, but just try to remember – the more important issue is whether he has gotten to the point of being really sorry and contrite for his actions.

Then be a big enough person to admit that you just don’t know.

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