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King of Commenting – And the Winner is…

King of Commenting

With the first annual Not in HD King of Commenting Competition is in the books, two words immediately come to mind: instant replay.

I reviewed all of the contestant comments over the past week, thought I had a pick, couldn’t quite decide if it was indeed the correct call and threw out the red challenge flag, just to be sure. I called in Britton Dennis (my Chief Advisor) to get his take on the play.

He looked at this thing from every angle, before agreeing that my gut call was the right one. The decision was made. Our king was set to be crowned.

As much as I love making lists, I’m not going to rank our players. Instead I’ll just say a few words about each of them.


This man brought some fire to the table, playing the dirty humor card… time and time again. A solid strategy, but is it a winning one?


Without a doubt, this guy was more full of himself and cockier than any other competitor. He was going to win. Period. Did he though?


Sent in more comments than anyone else. So he has that going for him.


I’m going to tell you right now that this ended up being my favorite comment on the board. It was in response to dwdowning619, who compared Britton and I to Buffalo Bill, from Silence of the Lambs. (An interesting strategy.)

“Yes, that was you. Ben, you’ve got it all wrong. Doug doesn’t want anyone’s manhood. He hates his own. It’s a good thing Ben’s wife is small and petite, because if she was a size 16, Doug would be all over her skin like me on beer at an open bar.”

The only problem? It was the reader’s only post. A gamble? You bet. We will soon find out if it paid off.


Look, this was our long shot. Still our “Hey everyone, watch me feud with Dan Miller… no really, I’m feuding with him!!! … Can you still see me??? I’m FEUDING WITH DAN MILLER!!!” friend, can definitely bring it, when he wants to. This time… he brought it.

(While still finding a few moments to feud with Dan Miller, somehow.)



A talented commenter. One who loves basketball. Unfortunately he loves the Spurs a little too much. Did it cost him points with the judges?

(By the by, just so we’re all clear, I wanted to give bignate100 as many words as he gave us. So, uhh… none. Way to step up guy. Way to step up.)


He posted plenty of comments and went a different route than others. His posts had two main objectives:

1.) Insult me… and other USC fans. Heck, Pac-10 fans in general.

2.) Be as thorough and thought provoking as possible.

A very interesting game plan. Recoveringhumanity was like the Miami Dolphins of this competition. He did the things everyone else wanted to do (gimmick wise), but just couldn’t manage to. The only downside? Doing so meant he had to play Pat White. Some of his main points just didn’t resonate.

You can win with that style of offense, but you can’t afford to make any mistakes if you go that route. When your back-up QB throws a red-zone pick, it tends to stand out.

Ok, enough stalling. Let’s name a winner.

Remember, the winner gets a guest post on this website of his choosing. Let’s say, no more than 500 words. Agreed? Great, I dig it.

The winner also needs to send in a few photos they wouldn’t mind posted for all to see.

(Meaning, since they have bragging rights, all of our other commenters need a head start for next year. Build ’em up and tear ’em down. That’s the way we play boys and girls.)

And who might that be?



Give him a hand everyone. It was a much closer competition than Britton or I ever could have guessed, but stewmangi pulled it out. Great job. You’re a winner. And not at all a dork for winning this competition. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Step up and grab your prize Stew. Just e-mail me your winner’s blog and photos.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Not in HD appreciates your support.

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