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Sam Smith: Also Sampling the Lincecum Weed

November 7, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments


This column slipped under the radar a bit, but when I read it this morning, I had to share. Sam Smith, best-selling author of “The Jordan Rules” and full-time blogger for the Chicago Bulls, writes in a column this past week that everyone has it wrong when it comes to where the most logical place for LeBron James is.

New York? Please. New Jersey? Psh. Cleveland? Whatever.

Smith writes that the best place for LeBron is in Los Angeles. The Clippers! Of course! But didn’t Bill Simmons already pose that idea for LeBron last year? Wait, no… he meant the… Lakers?

As a born and bred lover of the purple and gold, obviously that would tickle my fancy. But it’s a pipe dream and I can’t believe that Smith got away with mailing in a column so blatantly.

The Cavaliers are not going to do a sign-and-trade with anyone unless James made it very clear in season that he was planning to move on. But he won’t do that because once that leaked, the uproar would be overwhelming.

Even if that magically happened, the Lakers probably don’t have the pieces to get it done. Sure, trade Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum and Jordan Farmar. But couldn’t the Cavs do better? Cleveland would want a package that keeps them competitive in the East, and any Lakers package not including Pau Gasol won’t get it done.

Even if THAT worked out, can you imagine Kobe Bryant with LeBron? Sure, that looks swell on paper, but who becomes the sidekick? Can you see Kobe bowing to his obvious successor? Can you see the best player in the league (James) acquiescing to Bryant and playing a lesser role? And does Gasol get any shots in that offense? Probably not many.

Nice try, Sam Smith. But as much as I want to see No. 23 in the colors of my beloved Lakers, I’m not falling for it. Not this time. Not after all we’ve been through.

  1. stewmanji
    November 7, 2009 at 1:00 PM

    The only way I see this working is for the Lakers to win it all again this year. That would put Kobe at five rings and I can see him doing anything to get number 6 and be equal in championships with Jordan (also with 2 threepeats). I can see Kobe taking a subdued role for a year or two to get number 6… or even 7. All I can say is that this would be scary and would open the door for a whole slew of FA who would take less money just to play for Kobe and LeBron. Heck they might just get a point guard who could dish. I think Rondo just crapped his pants that he signed that extension. Seriously, why would you sign an extension to any team when the best player in the league is a free agent. Don’t you wait to see where he goes?

  2. recoveringhumanity
    November 7, 2009 at 2:22 PM

    You don’t understand the depth of what this would do to the Cleveland Sports fans. If LeBron goes to LA or anywhere, it must not only include Cav compensation, but include multiple high draft picks for the Browns and quietly guaranteed BCS victories for the Buckeyes over SEC teams. Otherwise, we will see the despair of Cleveland at an all time low (and that is saying something). I am afraid to imagine what they might do in a depression of that magnitude.

  3. dwdowning619
    November 8, 2009 at 7:55 AM

    I can’t see LeBron coming to LA. It just doesn’t make sense from a fiscal (salary cap) or professional (basketball) level. On the other hand, it makes complete fiscal (It’s L-frickin-A) and professional (It’s L-frickin-A) sense for him to want to come to LaLaLand.

    I think he’s gone from Cleveland for sure but my number 1 spot for him is actually Chicago, followed by Miami then LA (Lakers or Clippers).

    Stew, Kobe will never again give himself up and become Robin to another’s (Shaq) Batman. The ONLY way Buss can convince Kobe to “let the right one in” would be to pitch it to him like this:

    “Kobe, listen. You’ve got one for the thumb already and have 24K points to boot. You’re a mortal lock for the Hall of Fame at this point and there is not too much more you can do from an individual standpoint as a basketball player. However, if we bring LeBron over, we’ve got a shot at winning 5-6 more titles in the 7-8 years you might have left in you. LeBron lightens your load. He is not just about scoring. He’ll grab 12 boards a game and drive and dish to you for the open 3, another 7-8 times. He could easily go 20-10-10 Oscar Robertson style and let you go 35-0-0 and we might win 75 games as a team. Wanna go to Starbucks?”

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