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Random Thoughts on a Great October

San Diego Rain

It never rains in Southern California. But on those very few occasions when we get those 40-hour stretches of rain, we are afforded the same few luxuries that the rest of the county takes for granted.

1.) Patching the holes in my windows and roof that I never knew I had, at my new house even though I have lived in this place for like seven months now.

2.) Turning on the news to Storm Watch 2009 and seeing how many people ran into one another on the road that day.

3.) Breathing fresh air for a few weeks after the rain now that the air has been cleansed from the last 11 wildfires in the area.

4.) Willfully sitting in front of the TV and watching all the happenings of a great sports month, and doing it while being guilt free (since we don’t know to go on with our lives in a normal fashion since its raining outside).

So given the extra free time, here are some reflections on a great start in sports this October:

-It’s not very often that I have anything to thank the Angels for, but as a baseball fan I think we can offer our collective appreciation for two reasons… (1) saving us from the endless perpetuation coming out of the four-Letter about another Yanks-Sox matchup; (2) Saving HD TV watchers nationwide from close-up shots of Sully & His pet girlfriend in 40-degree weather at Fenway.

Since we didn't deem it appropriate to amuse ourselves in the misery the Matt Holliday gets hit in the groin photo, we give a cutrain call. Enjoy it Matt. You may never see another one.

Since we didn't deem it appropriate to amuse ourselves in the misery the Matt Holliday gets hit in the groin photo, we give a curtain call. Enjoy it Matt. You may never see another one.

-Matt Holliday, I’d like you meet one Mr. William Buckner. He may be the only one in history who can help with the empathy. At least Holliday is playing in a classy, baseball friendly city in St. Louis, where they can move on with their lives in time, as opposed to those mal-adjusted idiots in Boston. But since they seemed to treat you with a little too much warmth in your Game 3 reception, Dodger fans need to help push you towards that edge of infamy until you retire to the greener pastures of North Dakota or Wyoming or wherever Bill Buckner is still hiding.

-Word came out in a “surprising” report that FSU football players under Bobby Bowden have shown to be reading at second grade levels. How can this even be surprising? Whats even less surprising is the timing of this story release. You think if FSU was 6-0 and challenging for a national title that this could have been leaked? It’s clearly someone at the University who is trying to leverage support against Bowden and speed up the process, to out him out of his misery.

-Can we please pay Mike Dunleavy to go away and never ever come back? I think it would be the best situation for everyone. He seems to have gotten us back to square one with some of his moves and if he walked away right now, he could save face with most of Clipper Nation by what he has accomplished this offseason. But its like watching one of your friends gamble away $1,500 in blackjack at Vegas, only to have a furious rally to get himself back to even money, but refuses to leave the table until he rallies to +1,000. We need an intervention! It looks more and more like he is going to try and start Kaman and Camby side by side while Blake Griffin rots on the pine. No one is paying money to watch Kaman miss left hand turn-around jump hooks from five-feet all night! The only hope is that Kaman can play well enough early to raise his trade value to get (1) some cap space for next year or (2) a quality swingman who can take over the game. Maybe package Thornton and Kaman for a big name? We’ll see…

-To anyone watching soccer last night, that had to be the craziest end to the hexagonal of all-time. So many story lines riding on three simultaneous soccer games. I can’t imagine watching in an environment where all three were playing on TV’s side by side. The US goes down two goals early. Mexico rallies twice down against T&T to preserve a tie and keep hopes alive for a group championship. Honduras scores late against El Salvador to keep the door open and then forced to wait. And of course Johnny B. coming up with a great header (How could he get free with no one near him?) in the 94th minute, to not only give the US the group victory but send Honduras to WC ’10 and devastate Costa Rica, who has to find a way to put the pieces back together before Uruguay comes to town for a home-and-home. Crazy crazy drama to end qualifying. Can’t wait for South Africa!

  1. dwdowning619
    October 15, 2009 at 2:27 PM

    If you have not heard the Honduras radio call of the soccer game, it is amazing. I don’t even know what is being said but it is very Gus Johnson like.

    Also, when did it rain here in San Diego? I honestly haven’t seen a single drop … middle of the night or is it not reaching downtown?

    StormWatch 2009 is officially ON!

  2. stewmanji
    October 17, 2009 at 2:00 PM

    There is a Clipper Nation? How can this be? They do not even have their own arena. They only make money based on the revenue sharing so how is that a GDP? Plus, don’t you have to have citizens to be a nation? If anything, the Clippers are a refugee camp or a nomadic tribe, maybe a church potluck… not a nation.

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