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2003 PEDs List Released!

David Ortiz

The infamous list of positive tests for PEDs from 2003 has finally been released in its entirety!

Or maybe not.

But we do now know that Manny Ramirez and Big Papi appeared on that list along with A-Rod, Sammy Sosa and just about every other Major League star you can think of.

I suppose this is technically news, but due to the fact Manny tested positive this season and Papi has been suspected of PEDs for quite some time, it sure doesn’t feel like it.

In addition these are just the latest two names to seep out of the slowly dripping faucet, leaking out ballplayers from ’03. And we, as fans, are drowning in the puddle.

But since we can’t plug the nozzle, it won’t stop. Why would it?

We can clamor all we want about releasing all 104 names at once, or none of them at all, but know it will never happen. For one thing, Bud Selig and the Player’s Union don’t want it to happen. For another, whoever it is┬áthat holds the key to the secrets that continue to be spilled, holds all the power. Once the final player is outed, the name bandit won’t have anything left to hold over our heads. The cow will be have been milked dry.

So how does the latest round of tequila shots affect the way we view the game? Honestly, not a whole lot.

Manny already tested positive for some form of performance enhancer/ fertility drug earlier this season. So no surprise there.

Papi nearly suffocated to death, in what appeared to be a career-ending slump to start 2009. Even now he is a shell of what he once was, leading to the predictable whispers about PEDs. So no surprise there either.

Does this taint the curse-ending 2004 World Series Championship for the Red Sox?


One could argue that because the two heart of the order hitters failed the test in 2003, before the league’s testing policy began in 2004 and neither were caught breaking the rules until Manny did this year, it’s somewhat possible the 2004 and 2007 Boston championships were clean.

Possible, yes. Probable… not on your life.

I doubt I’m going out on a ledge by proclaiming that every team has had significant players using the pharmaceutics of their choice.

Every team during that time period was dirty. If no one was clean, how can anything be tainted?

It can’t. But for crying out loud, just end the agony. Give us the names.

  1. wstuchell
    August 2, 2009 at 5:54 PM

    I agree with you. Instead of just ripping the BandAid off MLB is slowly pulling it off. Then when we complain that it hurts a little bit MLB reapplies the BandAid and decides that it would be better if we wait a few extra months. This is getting ridiculous. Screw the Union and just release all the names. Pull the damned thing off and just let us realize the full extent of the dirty truth. The game we love was completely overrun with Steroids, HGH, and Fertility drugs.

    By leaking one or two names we just gradually stop caring. Maybe that is the plan. After another 10 names have been “leaked” off the list we just won’t care. Then MLB will show us the true horror of how dirty our beloved game was and we won’t care anymore. Either way, just give us the truth. Baseball has survived the Black Sox, the Dodgers moving West, Pete Rose, the 1994 strike, and even the Marlins winning 2 World Series. Every time fans have said, “Baseball, we forgive you.” Why would you think that this time won’t be any different? In an age where everyone has been considered guilty before being proven innocent why would we run away?

    Would it surprise us if Wakefield tested positive? Well, honestly yeah. I mean if you’re roiding out and the best you can do is 70 on your fastball, yeeesh. Did McGwire use Andro, yupp. Did he roid, probably. We all know Barry and Canseco did. Honestly the men who we idolized as kids have almost all turned up dirty. Why would we care about another batch?

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