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Discussion: Worst Fantasy Trades EVER

Phillies Lee Baseball

Amidst all the crazy, “Will they, won’t they?” MLB trade rumors flying around, I’ve seen roughly six or seven fantasy deals go down in my Keeper League in the last two days, with Saturday night as our deadline.

Everywhere you look – it’s trading season.

The Cleveland Indians had their hearts ripped out in the Cliff Lee deal ,which somehow did not include Drabek, Happs or Brown. I’m roughly 124 percent sure the Dodgers could have trounced said deal with their eyes closed.

We are all too familiar with the clunker deals that have been made in the real life sporting world, but what about the fantasy world?

What are some of the worst fantasy deals you’ve ever seen made?

Discuss these thirst mutilators in the comment section and feel free to go into detail. Share the rage. The rage is your friend. It wants to hang out with you and play NBA 2K9.

(Ok, I’ll stop. Now start typing!)

  1. andrewyates25
    August 21, 2009 at 3:36 PM

    I know this story is about baseball…but I have a football example. I’ve already got a couple fantasy football teams ready to go for this upcoming season and have already been offered a horrible trade. It went something like this…

    Team X wanted to give me:
    Thomas Jones (RB) – NYJ
    Brett Favre (QB) – MIN

    In return I would give them:
    LaDainian Tomlinson (RB) – SD
    Santonio Holmes (WR) – PIT

    I can see maybe Holmes for one of them, but the fact that Thomas Jones was the best they could offer for Tomlinson was almost insulting.

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