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Not in HD Goody Bag

Erin Andrews

It’s about time to unload a few odds and ends off our chests, updating you on the site’s recent developments as well as a few things to look for in the future.

But before we do, by blogosphere bylaw, we need to quickly address the hottest topic in sports of late: Erin Andrews.

Now before you get all worked up, know that we most certainly are NOT posting the most infamous video since Pam and Tommy Lee. I haven’t seen the clip and I feel pretty safe in saying, even without asking our other writers, that no one on the NIHD staff has.


Because chiseling a tiny hole in a hotel wall and rolling tape in hopes of catching an unknowing woman without her clothes on is so far beyond creepy it’s almost unfathomable. What kind of person do you have to be to get enjoyment out of that?

Scratch that. What kind of person do you have to be to even think about sinking so low? And then planning on spreading the filth around the Internet. Sick and twisted. It makes me want to throw up.

New information is surfacing by the day, but here’s what we think we know thus far.

-The video was shot using a microscopic camera, which was likely fed through a small hole in the hotel room wall.

-The camera equipment cost roughly $600.

-The video’s title did not have Erin Andrew’s name included.

-The clip is said to be less than five minutes long and could have been on the web for as many as four months.

Several theories have been thrown around with the two most popular being that it was an inside job by a hotel employee, or an inside job by an ESPN employee.

Could be.

However knowing the above information, it seems more likely that whoever this perv is, peeping on women and distributing the scandalous material for cash is likely his business. Seeing as Andrews’ name wasn’t originally attached, it’s highly possible that the perpetrator had no idea he was spying on famous goods and just thought he was filming a good looking blonde woman nude. Had he/ she known who the subject of the clip was, I’d have to believe it would have been sold be a high enough price that the buyer would have immediately published it with Andrews’ name stamped on it.

I can’t fathom this thing lasting four months on a host site without ESPN catching wind of it and shutting  it down, quickly and with extreme venomous threats, as they did this past week, had the person who filmed the peep show known, and planned whom he/ she was violating.

Regardless, this had been one of the most tragic sports stories of 2009. Hopefully for Andrews’ sake, justice will be served quickly, so she can begin repairing her tarnished image.

Which begs the question: Can a person have their image tarnished by someone else? If the bomb dropped isn’t an intentional act, or decision they are responsilbe for, can their image actually be tarnished?

I say it can. As unfortunate and sad as that may be.

(Stepping off soapbox.)

(Trips on feet halfway down.)

(Bleeding from the kneecap uncontrollably.)

Weird. On to the NIHD goodies…

New Not in HD Writers:

Three weeks have past since the epic day Nick Nevares and Cory Ritzau joined our writing staff and give yourself a little credit, you’ve treated them well.

Too well.

Just the other day Nick and I were talking and he mentioned how much you all must admire him, because he hasn’t really been smacked around or called girl’s names in the comments.

It’s been, “Oh man… I like the Padres too!”, and “Can you believe the San Diego sports scene?” Not to mention the, “Ewww, hey, I love crappy soccer and minor league hockey too!” messages.

Guys, guys, Cory and Nick are in the family now. Have at them.

(Looking for a place to hide from Nick.)

(The guy is 6-foot-6! Give me a break.)

King of Commenting Competition:

Rick Reilly, a dead ringer for Ben.

Rick Reilly, a dead ringer for Ben.

The King of Commenting Competition is in full swing and should see the first exemption awarded by the end of August. Remember, each NIHD writer will have one “Staff Exemption” in which to hand out. The final three slots will be chosen based upon a voting system.

Without spilling too many beans, my clubhouse leader has to be reader, “dwdowning619.”

Here’s one of his goldies:

“Really?  Root’s blatant rip-off of my format comment gets featured?  That’s like the San Diego Union-Tribune leading with Donovan Tate going to the Padres with the 3rd pick over Steve Strasburg going first overall.  A dumb move, my friend.  Since when did you become the Matt Millen of the sports blog world.  Here.  I’ll save you the trouble

Ben: “I’m not the Matt Millen of sportsblogs … Rick Reilly is … oh, and so is Bill Simmons.  And Peter King, too.  Yeah … yeah, that’s it.

Be warned!  You have brought out the wolf in this wolfpack (see The Hangover if you don’t get this).  It is officially on.  It was not on before.  But now it is.  On that is.

PS – Love you, Ben.  You’re not really the Matt Millen of sports bloggers.  You’re the Rick Reilly of sports bloggers.”

Thanks for that. I really appreciate the Rick Reilly comparison. At least I would if this were 1999.

As an added note to the winner, he or she will not only be given space on this site for a guest blog of their choosing, but will also have their user name for NIHD commenting, changed to “King of Commenting ’09.”

New Debate Blog:

A tweak of an idea we nearly implemented a few months ago, the debate blog — yet to be named — will feature two writers assigned a subject to defend. The subject may not be the one they would choose to argue on behalf of on their own at a sports bar, but they will defend it to the death nonetheless.

The tweak to the idea comes in two phases.

Phase One: Instead of just debating athletes of a similar stature (ie: Tim Lincecum and Dan Haren), the two writers will tap gloves on all sorts of sports entertainment topics, ranging from movies to good looking female athletes/ sports movie characters, game day foods and Ad campaigns.

Phase Two: Readers will have the chance to submit theirs opinions of the debate before the judge (either Britton, Nick or myself, depending on which of us isn’t engaged in the debate) picks the winner. Each writer will have a running win-loss record as well, to amp up the competition.

Grading the NBA Offseason Moves:

Soon to debut, a blog featuring Britton’s grades for the NBA offseason moves, as they happen.

He will submit updates frequently, so constantly tune in as he posts them.

I’ve read the preview draft of a portion of his first addition and I assure you, if you are an NBA die-hard, you won’t want to miss this blog.

Poop Sundaes Awards:

It’s fairly ironic that about a week or so after, “popular” columnist/ blogger, Bill Simmons, so graciously borrowed the term for a Mailbag column, I’m revisiting the format for the Poop Sundaes.

Unfamiliar with them? Brush up on your Not in HD blog history here.

For the past two MLB seasons, the Poops have be constructed and awarded based on the votes of our readers.

Last year, for the old T-MOF site, the readers kept the blog alive and well with frequent votes. And in those days the Poops were a weekly edition.

Thus far I haven’t seen near enough voting support to continue grading based on reader comments. I know you all read the blog, as it gets plenty of hits, but for whatever reason they receive hardly any votes.

For the time being I’ve decided to scrap the current system. I will choose the Poop Sundae winner each month. I will still submit ten nominees and you are very much encouraged to comment and vote, I may even take those votes into consideration. But until I see some major changes in the volume of ballots cast, our readers won’t be the deciding factors.

But don’t look at this as punishment. View it as a chance to put my foot in my mouth.

  1. dwdowning619
    July 22, 2009 at 10:01 AM

    My guess is the pervy dude didn’t know it was EA. What’s worse is that she is tarnished for it .. it being what exactly? Being ALONE in her hotel room in the buff. Honestly, if that’s a crime … stopping myself right there. Had she been boffing Ben Roethlisberger at the time, it’d be a different story. Honestly, it sucks that her journalistic integrity get a blemish simply for doing something completely normal. Off to find that video now … no, not THAT video. I’m looking for the water-skiing squirrel. Get your mind out of the gutter, Root! (See, Ben, I wanted to go with Cory or Nick there, but honestly, Root has been my whipping boy so long that I didn’t want him to get jealous when I razzed Nick or Cory.)

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