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Five Trade Rumors I’d Like to Hear

Roy Halladay

Can you smell it?

It’s trade season! Or so MLB wants us to believe. Prior to the season we were led to believe one or all of these names could be dealt: Matt Holliday, Eric Bedard, Jake Peavy, Roy Oswalt, Nick Johnson and Huston Street.

Since then we’ve seen Adam Dunn (Not a surprise at all, based on his team and contract.) and Roy Halladay (A move which would make since, but still one most probably wouldn’t have expected.) have their names thrown into the potentially on-the-move hat.

Even with the above eight names settling in to whet our trade-seeking appetites, I get the feeling we may be in for a let-down this July. Based on the economy, most teams just don’t seem interested in taking on additional pay role and teams who’d like to shed it, aren’t exactly lining up at the thought of sending their lone gate attraction packing to get nothing of value in return.

GMs know that to net an asset — usually just a B-level prospect, with the market as is — they will been forced to pull a Red Sox circa 2008 with Manny, and eat all of, or most of a star’s contract. Their only other option is to give a guy away for next to nothing.

Knowing those things as our reality, who will be changing their forwarding addresses this month?

I can guess, but I’d rather give you five rumors/ moves I’d love to see.

1.) Matt Holliday to the Cardinals/ Red Sox / Rays

This seems weird as a proclaimed A’s fan, but Holliday just isn’t getting it done in Oakland.

Plus, I own him in my two most important fantasy leagues. Hitting in front of/behind Albert Pujols, Kevin Youkilis or Evan Longoria would be the perfect remedy for the slumping slugger.

Oakland should be looking for a Type-A or two Type-B position player prospects in any Holliday package.

I know the school of thought which Billy Beane prefers to bank on: He likes sitting on a guy and offering arbitration in the hopes he rejects it, netting the team compensation picks in return, but the scenario of Holliday either accepting arbitration, or leaving to a powerhouse who signs a more coveted player or two (a-la the Yankees last offseason with C.C. Sabathia, Mark Teixeira and A.J. Burnett) seems all too likely at this point.

Send him packing. For my fantasy team’s sake.

2.) Eric Bedard to Minnesota for Delmon Young and Kevin Slowey

Can’t you just see the Mariners making a ridiculous deal like this? Dealing their, “prize” pitching acquisition from two years ago, for an obviously tainted former first overall pick and an on-again-off-again starter in Slowey, who has a bit too much Carlos Silva in him for the likes of most people.

At least, couldn’t you have seen the M’s pulling the trigger a year ago?

The answer to the second question is yes. Yes a hundred times over. However the new regime just isn’t quite as Hell-bent in screwing up their team and in the process screwing over their fans.


It’s a shame too. I would love to hear the mass of Seattle sports, “fans” rioting the airwaves and blogs.

It’s as if I can actually hear the clicking of keyboards right now, as many of you are furiously typing hateful comments and e-mails to me.

So great.

3.) Barry Zito to the Mets

Recently ESPN ran a quip in their, “Rumors” section which read something to the tune of, “Giants Would Like To Move Zito.”

Well no crap!

And the Pope would like people to believe in God.

San Francisco has wanted to send him packing ever since they saw him arrive at his first camp in 2007, deciding that to be effective he’d need to completely revamp his mechanics by turning into more of a three-quarters pitcher.

A massive seven-year, $126-million uh-oh.

So I’m borrowing ESPN’s, “idea” and adding the Amazings to the equation, finally netting them the pitcher they for some reason coveted in the summer of 2006. About three years too late.

Scratch that. About five years too late.

4.) Jake Peavy to Anyone

It is such a shame that of all the trades mentioned here, this one is the least likely to happen based on Peavy’s injury.

Regardless, it needs to get done and the sooner the better.

Peavy is as good as gone, much to the dismay of San Diego fans. Accept it. Deal with it.

Make peace with him while you still have him. Get your affairs in order, he will be passing soon. You don’t have much time together. Make the most of it.

I’m so giddy at the thought of him leaving the Padres for an actual MLB franchise.

(Wait… you mean to say the Padres ARE a Major League team? Get out of here! You get out now!)

5.) Roy Halladay to the Dodgers for Russell Martin and James McDonald (and some Type-B, Double-A prospect)

There is probably less  than a five percent chance this would ever become a rumor, let alone actually happen. Dodgers owner, Frank McCourt, won’t want Halladay’s contract and he wouldn’t be thrilled with the concept of losing both Martin and McDonald to make it happen either.

Dan Miller and I were talking yesterday though, and at least to us, this deal makes way too much sense.

Martin is losing value and fast. Sooner or later GMs are going to look at him and figure out what L.A. fans have known for a season and a half:

Russ Martin is an average catcher.

James McDonald may have a bit of potential, but it’s that of a No. 3 starter at best. The word is that for the Dodgers to reel in Halladay, they would have to part with at least one of the Martin/ Matt Kemp/ Andre Ethier trio, in addition to giving up prospects of McDonald’s level.

Kemp will not be traded. That ship sailed a year ago.

Ethier would be a very tough pill to swallow for L.A. and while extremely unlikely, it isn’t completely out of the question.

Martin is the guy though. Get rid of him while you still can L.A.

Bring us Halladay.

  1. bignate100
    July 29, 2009 at 9:53 AM

    i agree that the mariners should trade Bedard and if they do trade him (which they most likely wont cause they seem to like his 100 innings a year in the top of their rotation) that would be the type of deal they would get cause the mariners like screwing themselves and get rid of all their good players or potentially good players for crap. I am actually surprised they have kept Ichiro this long but maybe they just like the fact that he cant speak English, I don’t know. But I do agree with you Ben they should trade Bedard but this time they should try to get something out of it

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