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Because We All Love Lists: Top-10 Sports Related YouTube Videos


If you are like me and odds are you are, (Wait… you like playing one-on-one Nerf basketball tournaments on your knees, pretending to be the great players of yore, only you are playing by yourself pretending to be both guys, in your bedroom too? I had no idea. We have so much in common.) the one thing you can’t resist while surfing the net, is a good list. Home runs, dunks, movies, cheesy ’80’s music videos, SNL sketches, commercials, you name it – so long as the list is compiled of the best or worst of something all-time, I’m game.

And so are you, which is why you are here, getting ready to check out my Top-10 sports related YouTube videos. If I left off one of your favorites, either because I didn’t know about it, or like it, fear not my communist friend, simply post it in the comment section so every one else can either commend your good tastes, or mock you mercifully.

Before we get to the clips, there are three things I judged them on:

A) Rewatchability:If you don’t know what rewatchability is, it’s because I just made it up. Hey if Bud light can do it…

B) Initial reaction: Sometimes it takes a few views to really understand the details or humor of a clip. It’s more difficult to go nuts over one right off the bat. Bonus points it that’s the case.

C) Will I Quote it?: Unless it’s a highlight reel, I find myself going back for seconds, thirds and fourths more often if bits of the dialogue become inside joke catch phrases for my buds and I.

In reverse order, my Top-10…

10.) Amazing Basketball Trick Shots

If not for the unbearable background music, this clip might have been higher on the list. As it is, these amazing shots — I’ll leave it to you to debate whether the shots are legitimate or the product of some slick video cuts — rounds out the list.

My personal favorite shot is either the double bounce, or the behind the hoop, over the back board, bounces with backspin, nearly nothing but net. Ironic since one of the videos it beat out was the Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan McDonald’s commercial.

9.) Legends Golf and Safari Resort – Extreme Par-3

This breathtaking (Alert: understatement of the day) hole is part of a course in South Africa designed by the likes of Pedraig Harrington, Vijay Singh, Colin Montgomerie, K.J. Choi, Retief Goosen and other PGA Tour professionals.

Anytime you can combine golf with helicopter rides, you are setting yourself up for success. It’s rule number one in the golf handbook – that I just created with my mind.

Congratulations to Legends Golf and Safari Resort, your team of designers just pushed the Old Course in Scotland and all its historical lore aside, becoming the golf course I’d like to play at most. Not that it’s ever going to happen. Someday…

8.) Nerf Dunk Contest

I have to believe one of the primary reasons I dig this Nerf dunk contest so much is that before I stumbled upon it one glorious Autumn evening, I always believed Britton and I would create a video just like it (as mentioned above, I do find myself playing Nerf hoops from time to time). Sadly that dream died once I saw that a handful of clearly drunk college frat boysprofessional Nerf dunkers had beaten us to the punch.

As a side note, I noticed last night that these guys took down their original version of the video which contained a Jay-Z/ Linkin Park song as its theme, to remove it and add a new tune  in its stead due to copyright issues.

Kids these days.

7.) Moonlight Graham!

“You saw it!”

“Saw What?”

I feel like that’s a metaphor for my childhood in some strange way. Either way, it was this scene alone that captured my heart. I have on occasion found myself popping in Field of Dreams to watch this scene alone. It’s that good.

6.) The Space Olympics

I hate to do this to you and break my own rules, but I’m going to just this once. Instead of embedding the YouTube version (and believe me, it is there) I’m linking you to Hulu, where you can watch the edited version in better quality. YouTube has the video, but only the one with F-Bombs, and since this is a family site, let’s keep it crisp and clean – the Hulu way.

While we are here, I honestly don’t know what I like best about this digital short. The costumes? Great. The Michael Phelps cameo? Fantastic. The random explosion in Andy Samburg’s hand? Love it. The robotic hand movements? I think you know how I feel about them.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times on a basketball court alone Dan or I have been witnessed stealing a pass or blocking a shot, only to belt out, “Space Swords, is totally canceled!”

Alright I’ll admit it, I’m the only one who yells out, “totally canceled” on the court. I’m lame. What can I say?

Still, great song.

5.) Ali G NBA Playoffs on TNT

The only question I have for you regarding this one is, can you find an interview you can’t quote in this?

I have two favorites, and refuse to choose just one.The first is Ali G referring to Dwyane Wade as Shaq’s, “plus one.” Priceless. The second is his interview with Kobe. It’s not so much the actually lines that I like, as it is Kobe’s reactions. Specifically when he is asked, “How come this room ain’t bouncin’?” – the way he blinks, and flicks his eyes to just sorta glares at Ali G the way he might after Andrew Bynum dribbles the ball off his feet, is funnier than I can express. It gets me every time. I don’t think I’ve even been able to watch that part without laughing.

The only real downside to this one is it may actually be too quotable. Dan Miller went through a phase which lasted roughly four months, where he couldn’t enter a room without snapping his fingers, giving a head nod and uttering, “respect.” It was great at first. Then it got old, after about three weeks. Then we wanted to kill him, after about four weeks.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

4.) And Boom Goes the Dynamite

You know your on-air quip has reached hilariously funny (double the description for emphasis) status when Family Guy spoofs it, only their way seems to put the phrase in its proper context.

Ok, we’ve reached the time in our program where we get to the elite videos. These next three were extremely tough to place but I rolled up my sleeves and did what had to be done.

3.) Mike Valenti MSU/Notre Dame Rant – Part One & Two

I’ve had this rant saved to my i-Tunes since I first nearly giggled myself to death (a rough way to go) after hearing it for the first time in 2006. For Britton and myself, it was an immediate classic.

The only reason this automatically No. 1 on the list without question, is it’s not really a video. Sure, it’s on YouTube, which is why it can crack the list at all, but it’s just the audio from their radio show with a photo of Mike and his partner. If anyone could find me a web-cam version, well, I would be forever in your debt.

Quotes? How does Make Plays! sound to you? Rewatchability? I’ve listened to it more times than most songs. Initial reaction? Considering I uploaded it to my i-Pod, I’d say the reaction was pretty strong.

As an added by the by, if you didn’t know, Mike Valenti (the guy who rants almost poetically) is the same guy who decided it would be a good idea to ask Detroit Lions head coach, Rod Marinelli, if he regretted his daughter not marrying a better defensive coordinator. So all in all, this guy’s a peach.

The only thing it doesn’t bring to the table is video. So it remains third.

2.) Sweep the Leg

I almost don’t even want to give you my analysis. I’d rather just inform you this was the inspiration for the greatest fantasy football name of all-time, “SWEEP THE LEG!!!” (for the team I co-manage with Britton in our 12-team keeper league).

Unfortunately I can’t just leave it at that, so instead I’ll just type out some of my favorite quotes.

“Rock and roll this pizza outta here!”

“His name is NOT Johnny… Get your own trailer!”

“I’ll decide when he’s had enough man!”

“It’s over, walk it off!”

“Get’em a body bag! YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!”

*Note: If you don’t end every quote from this video with at least one exclamation mark, you’re doing it wrong. These quotes deserve to be shouted to the heavens for all to hear!

Sweep the Leg would be number one on the charts if not for this dandy…

1.) Hide and Go Poop

Not a sport you say? How dare you cry foul!

Does it have a point system? Check.

Does it involve athletic activity? Unless you don’t call running through an office hall in loafers and throwing wet paper towels with accuracy at people athletic, then check.

Are there rules? More than you can count. Don’t try. Check.

That’s enough for me to call it at the very least sports related.

I have more than two or three friends who still — roughly two years after finding this game — text me the word, “pooping” every now and then. Some of them are out of state. One of them is out of the country. It’s a great game and I only wish I could play it at my work.

Please, would at least one of you live the dream for me? Do what I can’t. Play the game. And win!

(Just don’t hit your boss with a wet towel. Notinhd.com is not a paid gig and I probably don’t have room for you on staff.)

There’s my list. What videos would you have on yours?

  1. rootman34
    June 22, 2009 at 11:15 PM

    dude ben, those are some amazing videos. but here are two more that i would add, for various reasons:

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