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Site Notes: Things to Look For


Gentlemen (and token ladies): along with the NBA Finals Game Two live blog later tonight (Brought to you by Britton Dennis, without him, some guys would starve.) here are a few “Not in HD” upcoming or ongoing, golden nuggets to keep handy in the those ant-like brains of yours.

(Not that I’d call out your intelligence.)

(Your comments do that.)

(Just kidding, the comments have been great. Yes even the incredibly long Major League trilogy rants. Keep them coming.)

-Poop Sundae Voting

We’ve had some great voting tirades already, with 23 days left to vote. The polls close on June 30. Stamp your input with a ballot. So many terrible players to choose from, so little time to call out their manhood.

-King of Commenting CompetitionNotinHD-King of Commenting

Remember this in an ongoing competition throughout the baseball season. Continue posting frequently and don’t skimp on the quality. No exemptions have been awarded, so none of you have cemented your status as a contender quite yet. We have seen some dandies though. Including this from reader, “rootman34”:

“Doug, you want me to bring it?  Okay.  Let’s do it.  Although I do agree that Joel McHale is FAR superior to Paul F. Tompkins in every way possible, let’s step it up, shall we?  I am the Johnny Carson to your Carson Daly.  I am the “Monday Night Raw” to your “ECW”.  I am the Lakers to your Clippers.  I am the San Diego to your Merced (if that one doesn’t make sense to anyone, then count yourselves lucky).  I am the Guinness to your Schlitz Malt Liquor.  I am the “Sportscenter” to your “Daisy of Love”  (Man, she’s so freaking ugly).  And finally, just for good measure, I am the Jesus Christ to your Joseph Smith.


Cory, dude, you want to know how “Cash Cab” can become entertaining TV to people?  Well, just remember that Paris Hilton is getting a second, yes second, season of “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF”.  Enjoy!”

As an added bonus we’ve added a new widget on right side column of the main page, to help feature the three most recent comments. The widget will provide links to the blog the comment was made on. Think of it as a thank you for your support of the website.

-Got Mail? Blog

Due to our coverage of the NBA Finals and my urge to post an MLB Hodge Podge blog, the Got Mail? blog has sort of received the shaft. But fear not to all of you who have submitted some fantastic e-mails, it’s coming soon. Maybe tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Who knows? If you haven’t sent in material you are dying to, keep flooding my inbox. I’ll accept e-mails right up until it’s time to publish.

-NBA Finals Live Blog

As aforementioned, Britton Dennis will be gracious enough to continue of Live blog journey throughout the 2009 NBA Finals. He may even have a guest or two with him accepting chat messages. The game starts at 5 p.m. PST and Britton should be logged on ready to rock your socks off a little before then. Check the homepage for a link to the Live Blog.

Keep reading and commenting. Not in HD values your support and is grateful for your contributions.

  1. dwdowning619
    June 9, 2009 at 3:08 PM

    Really? Root’s blatant rip-off of my format comment gets featured? That’s like the San Diego Union-Tribune leading with Donovan Tate going to the Padres with the 3rd pick over Steve Strasburg going first overall. A dumb move, my friend. Since when did you become the Matt Millen of the sports blog world. Here. I’ll save you the trouble

    Ben: “I’m not the Matt Millen of sportsblogs … Rick Reilly is … oh, and so is Bill Simmons. And Peter King, too. Yeah … yeah, that’s it.

    Be warned! You have brought out the wolf in this wolfpack (see The Hangover if you don’t get this). It is officially on. It was not on before. But now it is. On that is.

    PS – Love you, Ben. You’re not really the Matt Millen of sports bloggers. You’re the Rick Reilly of sports bloggers.

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