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Boy, That Escalated Quickly…

NBA Finals Magic Lakers BasketballGame One of the NBA Finals (Where LeBron James Doesn’t Happen) is in the books, and it looks like while one team decided that it’d be sweet to start the Finals today, the other team figured they might as well take the weekend off and see what develops in Game Two.

Kobe Bryant had a look of pure determination (some might incorrectly label it as animal passion) in his eyes as he poured in 40 points to go with eight assists, as the Lakers daddy-slapped the Orlando Magic, 100-75. The Magic’s big-three brought their D+ game, going 6-27, for a combined 33 points. Mickael Pietrus led the Magic (which should never ever happen, never ever) with 14 points and six airballs (also a team high).

NBA Finals Magic Lakers BasketballThe Magic simply didn’t have an answer for the Black Mamba, who set a tone for the series that the Magic will be hard-pressed to match. Even more surprising, the Magic couldn’t figure out the Lakers’ defense all night, missing most of the few open shots they got.

The real hero of this game? Me. You don’t know what it’s like having to endure Dan’s bitter jokes about the Lakers. He’s an angry man. But ladies, it’s a good kind of angry.

Game Two is Sunday night. Yours truly will be in charge of the Live Blog. You bring the chips. I’ll bring the patriotism.

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