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The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez (and Selena Roberts)

May 10, 2009 Leave a comment

A-Rod-deep look

Have you read the new Selena Roberts book yet? You know, the one which is supposed to be on par with the likes of Jose Canseco’s, “Juiced” and Jim Bowden’s, “Ball Four”.

No? Read more…

Manny Ramirez – STEROIDS?

May 7, 2009 3 comments


I woke up this morning with many questions streaming through my brain:

Would opening my window and chucking my alarm-ringing cell phone outside be worth the $200 I’d have to spend replacing it?

If I tossed my phone out, could I throw my wife out the same window – without legal and moral ramifications – for continuously imploring me to get my lazy arse out of bed so we could go shopping already? Read more…

Dodgers Start 10-0 At Home, Though To Be Fair…

May 3, 2009 1 comment

credit: AP

credit: AP

Four of those wins came against the Padres. So what did the Dodgers actually accomplish on Sunday?

They tied a franchise record by starting the season 10-0 (it hadn’t been done since the Brooklyn days, which incidentally is the last time Brooklyn was anything remotely impressive at all) at home for the first time ever. It was also the first time LA has won a four game series against the Padres at home.

Wait, first time ever?  Read more…

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‘A-Rod’s Big, Round Girl Nipples’ Present: Poop Sundae Nominees: April 2009

May 3, 2009 3 comments


I have received a few reader e-mails from the old days, imploring me to bring back the Poop Sundae blog.

I’m pretty excited, as it has historically been one of my favorite running blogs to write.

For those who aren’t familiar with the parameters of the Poop Sundaes, I’ll quickly fill you in on the fun. Read more…

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The Worst Lineup Ever Created


Through discussions, arguments, research, and games of chance, our own Ben Bates has selected the Greatest Lineup Ever Created. While Mr. Bates’ decision-making is clearly groundbreaking, it is not the first time such an endeavor has been attempted. Sports enthusiasts have long since debated the greatest players at each position.

However, we have rarely recognized the worst players at each respective position. And it’s a crying shame. Today, here at, that changes. Players long ignored for ineptitude will finally be given the recognition they deserve. Read more…

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Around The League: May 1


-It comes as no surprise that the Athletics are three games under .500 at this point. Those who thought they had a shot this year predicted it would take a late season run. Young pitching takes time to develop. What does come as a surprise is pitching has not been the only problem; the offense has been non-existent. Read more…

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