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Exclusive Interview: Jake Peavy

Jake Peavy

It came as no surprise that San Diego Padres pitcher, Jake Peavy, used his no-trade clause to reject a deal that would have sent him packing — to the White Sox — to play for a manager (Ozzie Guillen) crazier than Sideshow Bob. Plus playing for the (wrong) Sox would have been a lateral move. Why leave a crummy situation for… another crummy situation?

Aside from those thoughts, I had reached a handful of other various conclusions and begun preparing for a blog, when to my surprise my phone rang, and wouldn’t you know it, Jake Peavy was on the other end.

This was how the conversation went…


“Jake, you essentially said, “Thanks, but no thanks” to the Sox. They called again, and you said, ‘No, really, I’m good gents, I’m seriously good. I’ll thank you not to call this number again.’ What gives?”

Jake Peavy:

“You know, it really wasn’t as easy of a decision as it seems it should have been. In hindsight, it really should have been a no-brainer, but I really, really, REALLY want out of San Diego. Well, not so much San Diego, just away from the Padres.

Actually, if there is a way we can move another decent team to SD, I’d be all for staying. Like the Cardinals for example, what does St. Louis have that SD doesn’t have?”


“Well for starters, Albert Pujols.”


“My point exactly.”


… (Scratching my head… what to say… what to say? Talking to a Padre is confusing.)… “Umm… o-k?”


“Can you make that happen?”


“Definitely not.

So, back to your decision to stay; did the talent, or, lack-there-of, on the White Sox have anything to do with it?”


“Oh, my, yes. Yes. YES!

Quick, without thinking about it… name me the best White Sox pitcher…”




“Mark Buehrle? Give me a break. Khalil Greene could have hit his fastball.

Am I really to be expected to go to a team whose next best pitcher would be a guy Khalil could hit? I mean… wow.

What about their best hitter? Hit me with that one.”


(I thought I was supposed to be asking the questions around here. Perhaps that’s the root of what makes the Padres so putrid. They have their roles mixed up. The hitters should be pitching, and vice-versa.)

“I really don’t know Jake, I tend to gravitate away from watching pathetic teams as much as possible.”

(I don’t have the heart to tell him I haven’t watched a single San Diego game this spring.)


“Have you watched a Padres game this year?”


(Wow it’s actually unreal how awkwardly ironic that was.)

(And stop asking me questions, Jake.)

“Stop asking me questions, Jake.”


“Sorry, my point was the Sox have a terrible rotation to go along with an even worse lineup. Why would I go there?”


“What part of, ‘Stop asking me questions, Jake’ don’t you understand?

Ok… other than talent wise, with the change of teams being a lateral move for you, were there any other major factors in the decision to veto the deal?”


“Hmm… Southern California… Illinois. San Diego, California… Chicago, Illinois. Sandy beaches… a lot of people who rhyme with beaches…

Nope, I can’t think of a single one.”



So you are saying climate may have played at least a small role?”

Maybe Jake Peavy has a point...

Maybe Jake Peavy has a point.

“Let me put it to you like this, the White Sox typically wear ski masks at home in April… SKI MASKS. I’d ask you if that sounds like a place I’d want to play, but I don’t want you to jump down my throat for asking you a question.”


“Fair enough. I apologize if I was being hoity-toity or rude. That was out of line.”


“No, it’s cool, you just hurt my feelings a little, that’s all.”


“Again, I’m terribly sorry if I offended you in any way.”


“No, no… it’s cool… we can just hug it out later.”


“Umm… what?”


“No, I was just saying, it’s cool, we can thug it out later.”


“Seriously… what?”


“I play for the Padres?”


“True. (Wacko.)

Jake, I read somewhere (Or just made up right here and now…) that you would accept a trade to any team in baseball except these : Washington, Oakland, Baltimore, Cleveland, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Milwaukee, and obviously Chicago (White Sox).

Would you offer a few quick thoughts as to why those teams made your all-exclusion list?”



Washington: Adam Dunn might eat me.

Oakland: Just the thought of playing in Fremont makes me ill. And Oakland isn’t a walk in the park either.

Seattle: The most depressing region in America.

Pittsburgh: Has not one, but BOTH Laroche brothers. Pathetic.

Kansas City: Zach Greinke is secretly better than me. Or not so secretly. Either way, he’s better.

Milwaukee: I’m an alcoholic. It would be a train wreck.

Chicago: Has snow-outs. That’s just wrong.”


“All brilliant reasons.

Well Jake, thanks for taking the time to talk to Not in HD. I’d say good luck in the rest of your season, but so long as you remain a Padre, you’d know I didn’t mean it.”


“No problem Ben. I understand, I don’t like the Padres either. Thanks for letting me air my feelings.”

  1. dwdowning619
    May 26, 2009 at 12:11 PM

    Peavy is rather glib isn’t he? On a serious note, if anyone was making Peavy money to live in San Diego all year, why not hold out until you get to go to a contender? For Jake, it’s not so much getting out of San Diego as it is going to a contender. Remember, he didn’t ask to be traded. The Pads’ ownership situation, albeit not the best … actually, maybe the worst … created this. The Padres need to move on and start gearing up for 2010. Find a team Peavy is willing to go to and find someone who can give you some blue chip prospects for Adrian Gonzalez …. send Peavy and AG to ATL for Kotchman, Hanson and Escobar.

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