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Dodgers Start 10-0 At Home, Though To Be Fair…

credit: AP

credit: AP

Four of those wins came against the Padres. So what did the Dodgers actually accomplish on Sunday?

They tied a franchise record by starting the season 10-0 (it hadn’t been done since the Brooklyn days, which incidentally is the last time Brooklyn was anything remotely impressive at all) at home for the first time ever. It was also the first time LA has won a four game series against the Padres at home.

Wait, first time ever? In all the history of all the suckitude (real word) of the San Diego Padres, the Dodgers never yawned their way through a four game sweep at home?

Some would call that parity. I simply call it charity.

(Side note:  Remember when the Padres got stuck with Randy Myers off of waivers and he then ruined their 1998 season?  Remember how they still had to pay him $12-million just to sit on his butt and keep Hoffman from saves? Lovely… just lovely.)

Anyway, the Dodgers now go for the first 11-0 start at home, in franchise history, against the much better Arizona Diamondbacks. The Padres, meanwhile, return to their Matthew Stafford like-lives (be sure to quote me, it will soon be cool to refer to anything that sucks as a Stafford), having lost 10-of-12.

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  1. recoveringhumanity
    May 7, 2009 at 9:58 AM

    I bet they don’t win all of their next 27 home games.

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