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Are We There Yet?


I enjoy the NBA. It definitely doesn’t have the same allure as the NFL, MLB, College Football, or even College Basketball – but it’s enjoyable. I have two major problems with the NBA, and they are directly related:

1) The regular season is fairly meaningless. More than any other sport we know who will be in the playoffs. There usually aren’t many surprise teams like the Arizona Cardinals or Tampa Bay Rays, that make it deep into the playoffs. 

Six teams have championships in the past 13 years and in that span the Spurs have four titles, and the Lakers and Bulls both have three.

2) And the whole point of this blog: the playoffs are entirely too long. The playoffs opened on April 18, with a thrilling 105-103 Bulls win over the Celtics in overtime. If the NBA Finals go seven games they will conclude on June 18. That is two whole months of playoff basketball. 

The NFL completes its playoffs over just five weeks, with one bye week. Major League baseball’s postseason lasts about a month. It’s the same with March Madness and college footba… wait, never mind on that last one. Yet we get 60+ days of NBA playoffs. That’s 17% of your calendar year filled with NBA playoffs.

Let’s be honest, there’s probably a 2% chance that someone beats the Lakers or Cavs in the first two rounds. In some ways, the first two rounds of the NBA playoffs is MORE meaningless than the regular season. Sure there will be an occasional upset, but is that worth opening the NBA playoffs with three weeks of boredom? 

The Lakers are a heavy favorite in the west, and with KG and Leon Powe out for Boston, Orlando is the only team remaining with even a halfway decent shot at upsetting the Cavs in the east. Can’t we just fast forward at least to the conference finals? If it’s going to be like this, how about we eliminate the regular reason, seed every NBA team according to last year’s records and play a best of 21 series?

Considering that Rich Harden will probably be on and off the DL three times during the duration of the NBA playoffs, they need to be shortened.

David Stern, we love your product but there is such thing as “too much of a good thing.”

  1. andrewyates25
    April 27, 2009 at 5:32 PM

    I totally agree with you Dan. There are the occasional upsets in the first round (2007 – Warriors vs Mavs) but mostly it drags on longer than necessary. I also think they should lower the number of teams that make the playoffs, maybe from 8 to 6 per conference, giving the top two teams the first round off. That might make the regular season a SLIGHT bit more interesting. Anyways…good points, keep it up.

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