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How ‘Bout Them… Bills???


Say what you will about Drew Rosenhaus, the man knows how to get a contract signed. Barely days after the Dallas Cowboys dropped controversial retarded wideout Terrell Owens, the Buffalo Bills have reportedly signed Owens to a 1 year deal, worth $6.5 million guaranteed.

I’m still a too little stunned by this signing to really understand it. Did TO want to go to a small media market to rebuild his legacy, which would assuredly be almost impossible under the constant glare of a more rabid media base? What do the Bills intend to do with current WRs Lee Evans and Josh Reed? This might signal the end for Evans in Buffalo or could be the creation of a formidable threesome of receivers in a tough AFC East division.

And truthfully, this couldn’t work out better for Owens’ ex-wives in the NFC. Buffalo is about as much the Siberia of the NFL as one can get.

One wonders if Marshawn Lynch’s gun had anything to do with this.

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