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PGA Players Looking Forward To Getting Pimp Slapped Again

February 21, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

article-1149139-039191f8000005dc-220_468x323Tiger Woods is coming back next week. That much is certain.

From the sound of it, it looks as if the PGA is excited to be beaten around the links once again.

Woods hasn’t played a professional round of golf since June of 2008, but most of those competing in the upcoming Accenture Match Play Championship in Arizona, are expecting him to be the top man by the end of the weekend.

The NY Times quotes Rocco Mediate, who sounds like the PGA has been slowly crumbling (probably true) without Woods in the field:

We need him. Period. He’s the man. He’s the king. He’s it.

Woods was understandably freaked out by talk like this, since it’s surreal to think that people actually NEED you to beat them.

The only thing I can control is, obviously, my play. We as a collective whole on the PGA Tour have to do a better job of making sure that we certainly appreciate all the fans and sponsors for what they do for us and allowing us to have an opportunity to compete and play for a living.

Translation: “You guys can’t seriously be so irrelevant that I have to play just to make you legitimate. Right? Anyone? Fuzzy?”

ESPN’s Jason Sobel writes an interesting blog on the pros and cons of Tiger coming back to a match play style tournament. Tiger loves the format, but is facing many more holes than the usual tournament if he progresses through the finals. Seeing 126 holes is far different than a 72 hole tournament. Take a read of the whole post for other thoughts on what Woods is facing.

Phil Mickelson may have experienced some Tiger fatigue of his own, after his first round 63 at the Northern Trust Open in LA was buried by the news of Tiger’s return. Mickelson put up a second round 72, and is now 3 shots behind tournament leader Scott McCarron, going into Saturday’s round.

I love how even unknowingly, Tiger is always screwing with Phil’s mind. “Sure, shoot a 63, but watch me make no one care. Muahahaha!”

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