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Terry Porter Would Like You To Remember It WAS The Clippers

February 18, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments


Despite a 28-23 record, and the 5th seed in the Western conference, the Phoenix Suns fired Terry Porter over the All-Star break and replaced him with longtime assistant Alvin Gentry. At the time, this firing didn’t make sense. But in stunning fashion, the Suns came out last night and played like a team without a defensive monkey on their backs, beating the Los Angeles Clippers 140-100.

Running and gunning throughout the game against the Clippers stiff competant focused pathetic defense, Phoenix gave fans a little reunion with the “seven seconds or less” offense that made Mike D’Antoni a lot of money, albeit with another team. 

The Suns gave some notice that they could still be a threat come playoff time. To be fair, no one gave a crap about them all year.

It will be interesting to see if the Suns were really supercharged by their return to their famous offense, or if the Suns simply took offense to the left hook of Zach Randolph. Captain Class himself got into a donnybrook with Suns backup to the backups Louis Amundson and was ejected in the first quarter after landing a blow to the toolish jaw of Amundson.  Today, the Association gave Randolph a 2 game suspension.

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