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PED’s – For You And Me!


It is time to do one of two things regarding the never-ending steriods saga; either start hawking them at the ballparks along with peanuts and cotton candy, or feed the lions.

It is time to name names; 103 of them to be exact.

Bud Selig still seems to be deliberating over whether or not he considers Hank Aaron the all-time home run king, which by my math would make Roger Maris the single season champ.

It’s the right call.

We all know Bonds was on the juice, and at the very least we heavily suspect that both Mark McGwire and ‘Slammin’ Sammy Sosa were as well.

(If that video wasn’t an example of roid rage, I doubt I’ll ever see it in its muscular flesh.)

(I don’t know what left me more flabbergasted, the mountain of muscle that was McGwire in that interview, or the fact that he seamlessly, in nearly fluent street, called the reporter “son.”)

Ditto Roger Clemens, Jason Giambi, Rafael Palmeiro, Alex Rodriguez and so many more players either proven or suspected of PEDs, it would actually exhaust me to list them all.

There are so many names from the PED era, what can baseball do with them all? How can they restore any good faith in the magic of history that once separated baseball from nearly every other major sport?

They probably can’t – mostly because the players, owners, agents, commissioner, union reps and so on, won’t put a stop to the lies. The closest we have come to the truth, has been A-Rod’s insincere attempt at it with a side of tears. He admitted to doing something, as to what, I’m still trying to figure out.

Without the truth, fans, writers and the rest of the media at large will never move on. Baseball will not shake its mistakes without a serious dose of blatant, unabashed truth syrup.

I don’t care if it was right or wrong that Rodriguez had his test results leaked. At this point it doesn’t matter. What does matter is the fact that up until now there has always been someone with the keys to more dirty little secrets and something to gain, waiting in the shadows to shed a little more toxic light on baseball’s ugly past.

It’s brutal, it’s inhumane, but it continues to happen and these former players and members of baseball’s upper hierarchy will not quit as long as they know things the public can at the moment only dream of knowing.

So where does that leave us? What should baseball do? They are likely bound to continue furthering their attempts to conceal the remaining names on the infamous list of 104.

Unfortunately that didn’t stop A-Rod’s name from being leaked, and eventually most, if not all, of the others will be as well.

Remember, what the fans and media crave is honestly… the truth… and one way or another they will quench their thirst.

The best PR baseball can generate for itself now, is to nip this in the bud and ignore the players’ union; strongly urge each of the 103 players left on that list to come out with the truth – the whole truth – now.

Beat the snakes to the punch. Admit they were wrong, and admit to exactly what they did and slowly stride to the beat of the dead-man-walking drum, towards the future.

The future for the steroid era may not be bright, but we will never know if there can be a future when the past remains one where all must be considered guilty by association.

Bonds, Clemens, McGwire, Sosa and now A-Rod will doubtfully ever see plaques with their names and faces in the Hall of Fame. But until the other 103 players on the A-Rod list have been discovered, how can a voter pencil in anyone from that era in good faith?

The next name leaked, could be the player they voted in.

Sometimes one must pay a price to save a larger sum.

Give us the 103 names; it’s the only way.

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