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This was Ben's view. A beautiful city with a horrible baseball team.

This was Ben's view. A beautiful city with a horrible baseball team.

My apologies to our readers for the lack of content of late. I’ve been a little busy visiting the homeland. Actually I am still on vacation in SoCal, but I couldn’t go without airing out my thoughts any longer than I already have.

So many things going on, so little time to talk about them. When I get this feeling brewing and bubbling inside my stomach,  I know it’s time to unload my bowels thoughts. I know it’s time to bring out The Hodge Podge blog. A little of this, a little of that, some meaningless analysis, and hopefully a little entertainment along the way.

So what’s been in my head of late?

Let’s peer inside- careful it’s slippery.

LA vs. Manny Part IV, Coming to a Sports Page Near You

Where exactly is this going? Boras rips LA, and in the same mouthful lets us know negotiations will continue to be ongoing? McCourt and Colletti both acknowledge Manny remains a great fit for them, but feel like their offers are the best he is receiving and naturally LA won’t out-bid themselves, but yes negotiations will be ongoing?

Seriously, where is this all going? I’ve written it before, and I’ll continue to write it until I don’t feel the need; Manny will be a Dodger next year. Period. PHONE CALL OVER!!!

I caught some of the Tony Bruno show (FSR) on Wednesday, and he mentioned the Dodgers have displayed tremendous business sense, as they are employing a tactic Scott Boras should know a little something about; negotiation. Bruno loves the way McCourt and Colletti have been handling things.

While they haven’t shot themselves in the foot yet (I, for one, am surprised.) they are playing a serious game of Russian roulette, and are running out of empty chambers.

Just make the two-year $50 mil with a player option we all know is coming and get it over with.

Lakers, Celtics, Clippers and Other Things NBA

The Lakers young, increasingly brittle big man, Andrew Bynum, got a little bit of what the Buddhists call karma after brutally sending NIHD favorite Gerald Wallace to the hospital with a collapsed left lung, when Mr. Bean knocked him out for the season with yet another major knee injury. Britton suggested a blog comparing the ever apparent injury factors with Bynum and fellow young big, Greg “Still Think The Big Man Can’t Break his Knee Cap?” Oden but personally I think that little quip will do the job perfectly fine.

I couldn’t care less about the last Lakers/ Celts game in which LA won in OT by a single point. It means nothing. Get over it. It wouldn’t have meant anything either way. It’s February and still like 20 degrees (a total guess) in Boston. In June, it will matter. In February, it doesn’t.

That is assuming of course the Celts can get past the Cavs, and the Lakers can withstand the inevitable pushes by San Antonio and New Orleans.

I only stuck my Clips in that tag for one reason: It’s time to blow things up. Start over. Baron Davis? A bad idea. Marcus Camby? A bad idea. Zach Randolph? Good Lord man, do I really need to say it was a bad idea for you to get that? I think not. Blow it up, it’s time for a change.

Yes we can… or something like that.

Spring… I Want My Cracker Jack

Football season is over, and I’m ready for something fresh. I usually crave the hot stove league like a medium-well sirloin, but I’m over it this year. Maybe it has been the on going Manny Watch, maybe it was the Furcal back and forth and then forth some more, maybe it was the constant Jason Varitek contract coverage – as if we still care in the least about Tek, or maybe it was the Yankees taking all the fun out of the Hot Stove League early on.

Whatever the reason, I’m ready not just for pitchers and catchers to report, but for real ball to begin play. Be it Minor or Major League play, just satisfy my baseball fix and quickly.

Excellent! Steven Is My Name… on TNT

No, ranting about Braveheart isn’t exactly pouring my sports-based heart out, but since it is one the greatest guy movies of all-time and I have yet to see evidence of female life on this website (Seriously ladies, if you are out there e-mail us. I’ll answer your mail in the Got Mail? blog as well. Plus Dan REALLY needs a date.)

Anyway, while watching an extremely watered down version of this great film is still better than some lame D-List Vin Diesel flick on TNT, it still hurts my soul watching Steven’s “I’m the most wanted man on my island” scene without his patented cursing and gibberish. It’s just wrong.

National Signing Day

It came and went as predictable as always. USC got a top notch QB and some of the best defensive players in the country. Nick Saben continued stealing from football teams (This year from Texas.) Texas and Oklahoma had great classes, and Ohio State acquired more players that will help them fall just shy of their goals.

It came, it went… the big schools got their top picks and the small schools got screwed again. But who needs a playoff system? That wouldn’t fix anything.

Ummm… what?

Kurt Warner

I’m not going to lie, I used to love rooting for Warner to fail. As recently as two years ago, I was more than ready for him to quietly fade away.


I’m not ready to see him go. If nothing else, because I don’t think I’m ready to go through the whole, “Matt Leinart is the most pansy arse QB in the league” again. Don’t eff with me Kurt, not you!

Please Kurt, have some decency, don’t make Matt relevant again. Not even for a moment.

The Padres/ Mariners

Oh man!

I’m only kidding. As if any rational human being would ever have so much as a thought about these pathetic “franchises.”

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