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Oh, So It Wasn’t The Nutri-Grain Bars…

February 7, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments


Multiple sources are reporting that Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids during the 2003 season, a season in which he took home the MVP award despite his Texas Rangers finishing in last place. According to the report, Rodriguez was one of 104 players in 2003that tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. This information was kept confidential until the long arm of the BALCO case forced the records to be unsealed and the information was leaked soon after.

Neither A-Roid (lol omg!) or MLBPA chief Don Fehr took the chance to comment before the article was released by Sports Illustrated, probably because they were shocked SI still exists, like I was just now. I don’t go to SI for actual news,  I go there for irrelevant feature pieces and crotchety old men rambling about how sports used to be. Sort of the same reason why I watch 60 Minutes.

So yet another hero of mine is tainted by the use of PEDs. Looks like I need a new hero.

Previous heroes:

  • Ken Caminiti (dead to me…well…the day he died)
  • Rafael Palmeiro (dead to me on August 5, 2005)
  • Brady Anderson (dead to me on December 11, 2005)
  • Guillermo Mota (dead to me on November 1, 2006)
  • Neifi Perez (dead to me on July 6, 2007)
  • Mike Cameron (dead to me on October 31, 2007)
  • Jose Guillen (dead to me on December 6, 2007)
  • Jay Gibbons  (dead to me on December 6, 2007)
  • Alex Rodriguez (dead to me on February 7, 2009)

My new hero is Arizona 3B Mark Reynolds. I feel good about this one. 

By the way, we need to acknowledge the enhanced elephant in the room and say that it looks like Jose Canseco might have once again been telling the truth, as sick and twisted as he portrays it. A tip of the cap to you, Mr. Shrinky-Dink.

  1. rlpologuy4
    February 7, 2009 at 3:13 PM

    Another one bites the dust. I am so dissapointed that A-Rod is reportedly another sterorid user in an ugly era that MLB would love to forget. He had it all money, a hot wife, and a hall of fame caliber career. He’s now pissed almost all of it away by trying to get an edge on other players. Eventhough A-Rod has not been actually found guilty, the public will never look at him the same. When he reaches Barry Bonds’ home run record* everyone will lump Alex in with all the others before him as a cheater.

    Sadly, I think that this will not go away, and there will be another big name to go down. It’s really sad to see players that I have personally watched as I grew up and see that their accomplishments are tarnished.

    My one question to A-Rod would be why…Why would you use sterorids when you already have the greatest natural talent in all of major league baseball. Not since Ken Griffey Jr. has anyone been considered a five tool player. If you are that talented then why do it?

    He’ll still rake in money and hit on older women, but he will never be able to say that he was clean in an era that was dirty. Welcome to the club of players who would have made it if they didn’t use: Roger Clemens, Rafael Palmero, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, and Alex Rodriguez.

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