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Sit Down and Shut Up

For as long as anyone can remember, the Arizona Cardinals have been irrelevant.

They were slightly above mediocre (9-7) in the worst division in football this year, earning them a playoff spot that everyone said should have gone to a more deserving team. They got hot at the right time, and now the Arizona Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl.

And everyone in Arizona couldn’t be happier. Right?



You’re happy, right?

Apparently, Anquan Boldin is too busy sulking about being taken out of the game to notice that his team is going to play in the biggest professional sporting event in the world. Professional athletes dream of making it to this level. Yet Boldin didn’t even celebrate on the field with his teammates after the win.

Football is a team game. You didn’t even play last week because of your hamstring. Your team is on a ride that few 9-7 teams even dream about. Quit crying and enjoy what could very well be your only chance at a ring.

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