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Did You Hear The Pads and Cubs Are Talking About Jake Peavy?

Jake Peavy and his ladie friend cant wait to leave SD.

Jake Peavy and his lady friend can't wait to leave SD.

Maybe the fact that I’m a wee bit tired of the Jake Peavy to the Cubs rumors rings a bit hollow, as it comes from a guy who remains openly obsessive over all Manny to the Dodgers updates.

Or maybe, the Padres just need to man up and deal one of their last decent players, so we can all move on with our lives.

I may love San Diego- as a place of residence that is- but nothing brings me more joy than watching the least hetero team in baseball Padres completely dismantle their already mediocre ballclub, while placing their fan base in the awkward position of somehow being in more denial than usual about their chances next year.

Watching Kevin Towers show the only reason to attend a Padres game Trevor Hoffman the door was entertaining, as would a Jake Peavy for a bag of beans trade be. If it ever freaking happens.

We all know it will… eventually.

Here’s my plea to Towers: Pull the cord quickly. Not for the sake of your own depleted fan base, but for the rest of us.

If there’s anything more anoying than listening to fans at Petco talk baseball, it’s having the Padres wear out their welcome on the rumor mill.

Or perhaps it’s me wasting a blog on the Pads.

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