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Wait…ARIZONA??? What The…?

Ladies, your 2009 NFC Champ!

Ladies, your 2009 NFC Champ!

Welcome to the NFL, Arizona. For so long we weren’t particularly sure if you were part of the league or not.

Until now, the Cards have received most of their notoriety from Jake Plummer (yikes) and Matt Leinart’s partiality for 19-year-olds and beer bongs.

While we’re on the subject of Leinart, is it wrong that all I yearned for while Terry Bradshaw desperately “interviewed” anyone on the Cards who would give him a moment, was a quick close-up of Petros Papadakis’ favorite Trojan, squirming in his NFC Championship cap, with a look on his face so twisted, it would scream ‘this wedgie is pretty intense, please Kurt, help me free it up a bit’?

Yeah, that would have been a little uncalled for.

Where were we?

Right, the Cards. Somehow they have done it. Somehow Arizona is the state representing the NFC in the Super Bowl.

How in the Michelle Tafoya did this happen? It’s Kurt FREAKING Warner for cripes sake!

Other than a pair of flamboyant other-worldly receivers, who do they have worth anything?

They are a team whose running backs are Edge and some dude named Hightower (who may or may not have been a second round pick in at least one fantasy football draft I know of this year).

A team whose most recognizable defensive player is Adrian Wilson.

Yup; the Arizona Cardinals. Welcome to the party, boys.

I think Will Leitch just urinated on himself.

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