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Ladies And Gentlemen, Your Final Four

January 12, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments


There is a distinct avian feel to the NFL Conference Championships coming up this weekend. In the NFC, Arizona and Philadelphia became the match up only your girlfriend who likes pretty red and green colors would have predicted. The AFC boasts the Baltimore Double Murders (not guilty) and the Pittsburgh Concussions in a match up of two defense oriented contenders.

Prepare yourself, as your broadcast team (doesn’t matter who) will set a new record for how many ways they can re-explain just how breathtaking the Steelers and Ravens are on the defensive end.

On the surface, it seems there is no way the Cardinals can win, but if they made it this far, why can’t they beat the NFC’s sixth seed? By the way, this is the first time the NFC will have sent a team to the Super Bowl with nine wins or less since 1979, when the Los Angeles Rams lost to the Steelers.

Pretty much, if the team from the AFC loses on February 1, they should just put themselves down like Ol’ Yeller. There’s no coming back from that. Ask Scott Norwood.

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