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Timmy Tebow will be back in 2009 for the National Champion Florida Gators. Apparently, being a third-round pick and having to convert to fullback or tight end isn’t as glamorous as being the biggest name in college football.

Arguments with Mel Kiper aside, Tebow isn’t prepared to be an NFL quarterback. He’s never had to drop back and pick apart a defense. He’s never been forced to throw for 300 yards on a regular basis. Quick, name one successful NFL quarterback who WASN’T a pure drop-back passer in college. Exactly. Tebow’s running style is closer to Jacob Hester than Vince Young.

He very well could be an NFL quarterback, because he has great tools.  I simply can’t see an NFL team investing 2-3 years minimum in finding that out. With his tough running, the most likely option for Tebow is to put on 20-30 pounds and be a fullback, tight end, or h-back. Kiper was right in saying his closest NFL comparison might be Chris Cooley. That’s not what Tebow wants to hear, but it’s true.

So he might as well enjoy one more year as the face of college football before he has to learn how to block linebackers and take hits from safeties down the middle.

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