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Oh Santa, Could It Be? But It’s Not Even Christmas!

May all credit be unto profootballtalk.com for their gracious work transcribing ESPN’s Ed Werder so I don’t have to do so myself. Werder reported on Sportscenter today that there is internal dialogue happening at Valley Ranch about possibly cutting WR Terrell Owens before the start of next season.  From what Werder said, he… you know, let’s just have him tell you himself.

There is a lot of internal debate about Owens, who’s viewed internally by some people as a descending player and a divisive force in the locker room, and the question is does his performance on the field justify some of the other problems he seems to be causing with players like Tony Romo and Jason Witten?

APTOPIX Giants Cowboys FootballAs a publicly unabashed Cowboys fan, this would be the best thing to happen to me since Nate Newton put the weed down and got some help. Owens has been hardly adequate as a go-to receiver and his talk now outweighs his play. Even if Jerry Jones were to eat up millions in wasted money, it might be better for the team both in performance and public perception to cut ties.

Where might one even begin to replace TO’s production on the field? I’m glad you asked.

Bengals WR T.J. Houshamandzadeh is an unrestricted free agent playing in a volatile and depressing environment in Cincinnati. It’s not outside the realm of reason to think that if the Cowboys do cut ties, getting the best available wideout in free agency to take Owens’ place would be the easiest way to keep the Cowboy hype machine alive until next season, as well as putting a proven receiver opposite Roy Williams for the next few years.

The argument against Housh is that he is really just the rich man’s Roy Williams. Both are tall, physical receivers that don’t really give the Cowboys speed on the outside. But considering Tony Romo’s deep ball always looks like its going against the wind no matter the conditions, that might not be a noticable loss.

Everyone, grab the hand of the person next to you. Bow your heads.  Let us pray that Jerry sees the light.

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  1. Andy
    January 9, 2009 at 2:44 PM

    Let’s at least hope for the best. Get rid of him so we can put the Cowboy Outlaw years behind us and get back to being the Cowboys of honor.

    Also, watch for Jerry Jones to keep his eyes on Damien Williams for the future. He loves those Arkansas connections.

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