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Greatest Team (N)ever

Celtics Bobcats Basketball

Lucky for the Celtics, this isn’t the BCS – because the voters are severely unimpressed.

Two nights after losing to a group of homeless men the Knicks 100-88, the Celtics traveled to Charlotte¬† to take on a junior high girl’s basketball team the Bobcats, managing to lose 114-106 in overtime. The ‘Greatest Team Ever’ has lost 5-of-7 and counting, including losses to the Rainbow Warriors and the Brandon Roy-less Portland Trailblazers.

The Cavaliers and Magic are now right behind the Celtics in the Eastern Conference. With the way Dwight Howard is throwing down put-backs, and Lebron is crab dribbling through defenses everywhere, the ‘Greatest Team Ever’ may find itself on the road in Game 1 of an important playoff series.

I’m not sure which is worse; the fact that the Celtics are getting torched by the likes of Steve Blake, Wilson Chandler, Marco Belinelli, and Adam Morrison’s mustache (seen here with Boris Diaw and Matt Carroll), or the fact that they think Stephon Marbury may be able to actually help their team. Has Marbury ever helped any team, ever?¬† I want to criticize ‘The Greatest Team Ever’ for even thinking about picking up a guy rejected by the Knicks, but considering New York roughed up the Celtics a mere three days ago, taking their rejects might not be such a bad idea.

And while we’re talking about “Starbury”, would guys please stop giving themselves nicknames? I’m looking at you, Hibachi and Black Mamba.

(*Editors Note* While NIHD doesn’t condone self appointed nicknames, shouting HIBACHI! while you do just just about anything in public can be more entertaining than you might think. Try it sometime while swerving into a new lane in traffic, finishing giving a presentation at work, or ripping on a bro whenever. You’ll dig it.)

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  1. Chris
    January 8, 2009 at 8:00 PM

    Dan should consider adopting the name Hibachi. Every time he leads somebody to the Lord, he can screech, “HIBACHIIIIIII!!!!” Every time he baptizes somebody, “HIBACHIIIIIII!!!!” Every time he marries a couple, “HIBACHIIIIII!!!!” Every time he does a funeral, “HIBACHIIIIIII!”

    Every time he goes on a CMA-appointed setup date in the service of the Super Missionary Breeding Program, “HIBACHIIII!!!!”

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