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Dodgers Dunn With Manny?

Manny Ramirez still wants to be a Dodger; doesn't he?

Manny Ramirez still wants to be a Dodger; doesn't he?

As our own Dan Miller was the first to point out, there likely is very little chance the Dodgers will legitimately pursue Adam Dunn. Why would they?

Dunn is a slugger with a great eye and a knack for getting on base. But unfortunately he’s also a guy with single season career highs that include a .266 average, 151 hits (his only season above 138), and only two seasons with over 30 doubles.

And all of that without mentioning all those pesky K’s. Speaking of which, did you know that Adam Dunn has never had a season in which he had less strikeouts than games played?


Not exactly what the rejuvenated Dodgers front office really desires after a summer fling with Manny.

Before I go all “sign Manny at all costs” on you, let’s talk about some off-the-field reasons LA needs him. Yes, needs him.

Anyone who thinks LA is anything more or less than a Lakers town is kidding themselves. That includes USC fans (like me), Angels fans, and Dodgers fans.

LA’s other teams are left with the daunting task of creating enough of a buzz to come close to competing with the Lakers on the airwaves, and in print, not to mention in everyday coffee shop conversations.

A task not generally accomplished.

Even in the middle of August, sports talk radio lines are generally filled primarily with Lakers calls. Kobe is always a hot commodity but other than the occasional Dreaded Vassegh Report the Dodgers, in mid-season, are seldom a topic of discussion.

At least, that’s how it was before Manny arrived on a sweet summer afternoon last season.

For the better part of three months, Manny played like Casey at the bat, minus the game ending strikeout of course, and the fans in LA ate it up. The dreads, the odd jersey number, the general aloofness, the monster stats, and of course, the wins that came with it all.

Manny gave LA a sense of baseball identity, and if you don’t believe me go back and view T.J. Simers column history from July-October. Manny was his topic roughly 95% of the time.

I’m still not clear on the rumor of the Dodgers selling official Manny dreadlocks at the stadium (if you have proof email me), but whether that was rumor or truth, fans were waiting with cold hard cash in hand, to purchase said dreads as well as anything else with the names Dodgers or Ramirez on them.

Since cold hard cash is the language Frank McCourt speaks, this is a situation that seemingly works itself out.

Sign Manny, create a buzz, and make money. Is business always this simple?

In actually baseball terms Manny makes even more sense. The NL West is still there for the taking, and with full seasons from Rafael Furcal, Casey Blake, Clayton Kershaw and Manny, the Dodgers should be able to swoop in and steal it.

While the Dodgers currently employ four current or former MLB starting outfielders, I think it’s safe to say Manny would be a heeeeeeeeYuge upgrade over Juan Pierre of Andruw Jones.

Speaking of which, isn’t Jones supposed to be a Met by now?

There is of course a problem. With each passing day Ned Colletti’s version of Manny-roulette gets more dangerous. As of now, the Dodgers are the only team to have placed an offer, but while Manny’s price tag may not be going up, the number of his suitors undoubtedly will. I fully expect the Yankees, Nationals and even Met’s to get involved at some point in time.

Look, Adam Dunn isn’t the answer to LA’s needs. The best guess is that Colletti leaked his name, and called his agent in order to redirect some of the Manny fear back at Scott Boras.

Both are under pressure to ensure a Dodgers/ Manny deal happens.

Here’s a crazy thought, Scott Boras has already given in and re-engaged Colletti regarding contract talks. Manny is 36 years old and still playing as well as ever. Colletti should construct some top of the line pie charts, present them to ol’ Frank and convince him to pony up the third year it will likely take to sign Manny.

Three-years, $70 million sounds mighty fine to me, as does three more years of Manny in Dodger blue.

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